Oil & Gas : Gas to gas exchangers odorizing storage tank, LPG storage vessels, Flare Drum, Reflux Drum,
Drain Vessels, Stripper Column and Internals, Shell and tube heat exchangers.

Pharmaceutical : Reactor, Distillation pack column, Condensers, Scrubber Column, Absorber Column, Stripper Column, etc.

Fertilizer :
Sulphur Receiver, Furnace Blowing Tank, Wet air receiver, Day tank, Sulphur scrubber, Stabilized
feed drum, etc.

Sugar and Refinery : Vacuum Pan, Evaporators, Crystallizers, Magma Mixer, Horizontal Melter, Juice Heater,
Masecuite Distributors, Surface Condenser

Distillery : Distillation columns,Heat exchangers, Reboilers, Condensers, Coolers, Reflux Tanks, Steam & water Headers, Bio Culture vessels, safety Systems and other ancilieires for fermentation systems. Copper Pot Still, Condensers and After cooler

Acetone recovery, Menthol, Ethly acetate, Ethanol and other Chemical Industries